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The Chicago Bears are Terrible II

These guys can’t catch a break.  Yesterday during practice, the lights went out on the Bears.  We don’t mean they finally gave up all hope and disbanded, even though that would be the best thing for everyone involved.  The lights … Continue reading

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The Chicago Bears are Terrible

When this story came to our attention at Defend-Wisconsin HQ, everyone LOL-ed.  Some of us ROFL-ed.  One of the interns even wet himself.  The wetting didn’t have anything to do with the story, the plate in his head just does … Continue reading

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The Brewers are Good this Year?

It has come to our attention that the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place. We’re not big fans of baseball and weren’t even really aware they still played the game. However, childhood memories die hard and it’s time to remind … Continue reading

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