Dear Milwaukee Black Kids – Knock That Shit Off!

Mob Incident at Wisconsin State Fair

Police begin probe into mob incidents at State Fair

Not cool, not cool at all.  Just two days ago we posted about the Fair and how great it was going to be.  Attendees at the Fair last night just wanted them some god-damned MC Hammer, cream puffs, corn on the cob, bison burritos, fried fucking cheese, and the Oak Ridge Boys.  The Oak Ridge Boys!

What role did these bad ass motherfuckers play? We're looking into it.

But apparently a large mob of kids (reported to be mostly teenagers) decided all that wasn’t good enough and rampaged through the whole damn thing, broke a bunch of shit, knocked over little kids, beat people up, and caused a riot.  When police responded (on foot and horseback, just like the wild west) the mob stampeded, knocked more people over, and jumped on cars.  Sweet.

This is never a good thing.

That all would be bad enough, but it turns out the whole thing was racially motivated; the mob was all black and the people they beat up were all white.  If there’s one way to cause a ruckus in the USA, go out and start a race riot.  As you probably know, race is a bit of a touchy subject.  It’s so touchy we’ll post the following disclaimer:  Defend-Wisconsin is not a racist organization, we don’t hate black people or any other color of people, we don’t judge entire groups by the actions of a few, and we’re not saying black people haven’t had considerably more than their share of shit to deal with.

Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em.

Anyway, stereotypes exist because people perpetuate them.  In Milwaukee, one of America’s most segregated cities, this isn’t going to help black folks any.  This isn’t going to help anyone.  They’ve probably tripled the amount of cops at the Fair, but attendance will likely go down anyway.  Across the city, cops are going to be extra rough on black kids. The whole situation sucks.  Rioting black Milwaukee teens are now on our shit list, something we don’t take lightly.

If group of white teens had spilled lemonade on some black kids, you know this crooked SOB would be there today making a speech. We say this not because he's black, but because we dislike him as an individual person.

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