Sheboygan tried to make him resign, he said, no no no

You can read the article yourself here and here.  Basically, Bob Ryan went on a bender.

We like Charlie, so here's a shot from before he started winning so hard.

We’re not going to bash a guy with a drinking problem too hard, but we do want to highlight some classic quotes from the Mayor of Wisconsin’s 13th largest city.  We really have to hand it to the guy, he’s in absolutely no denial about his situation and concurrently has notable confidence in his abilities – must be the tiger blood.

“I do not blame the council for asking for my resignation.  What I did is indefensible.  I’m not proud of it.  I’m an alcoholic.”
“I’ve been successful in spite of it, and I will continue to be successful.”
“Alcohol has never affected the way I do my job.”
“I have never walked into a city meeting or council meeting under the influence of alcohol.”

Fuck no I’m not resigning!

“Did I pass out on a bar?  Yes I did.  I’ll admit that.  Was I in a scuffle?  Yes.  Did I start it?  No, I did not.”

It seems that we haven’t heard the last from Mayor Bob Ryan.

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