The Brewers are Good this Year?

It has come to our attention that the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place. We’re not big fans of baseball and weren’t even really aware they still played the game. However, childhood memories die hard and it’s time to remind ourselves of those who have come before.

Gorman Thomas is a man beast. Look at him, he's magnificent.

Cecil Cooper made first base his bitch.

Robin Yount is the best Brewer in history. A mint version of his rookie card is worth around $3k.

Jim Gantner was never fancy, but he got the job done every time.

Paul Molitor: Great player and class act.

Rollie Fingers rocked a 'stache like no other before or since. His facial hair stands as an icon for all that is right with humanity.

Pete Vukovitch would kick your ass and all your friends' asses in a bar fight.

Ted Simmons, eight-time all star.

And let us not forget Ben Oglivie, Charlie Moore, Moose Haas, Don Sutton, Don Money, Roy Howell, and Harvey Kuenn.  May this post serve as good luck and motivation to whoever the hell currently plays for the Crew.  If they win the pennant we promise them a post just like this one.

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