Minnesota is Running Out of Alcohol

Minnesota decided to shut down their state government a while back.  We don’t really know why or even care that much.  Something to do with taxes?  Spending?  It’s not clear.  Doesn’t the Tea Party hate government?  Maybe they came in and did it.

Here's a picture of Prince.

Regardless, Minnesota is running out of booze.  The law over there says distributors have to put a tax stamp on all the booze they sell.  No stamp, no sale.  Since the government is no longer functioning, there’s nobody to issue these stamps (or something like that).  Now, if there’s no state government, why are they worried about state law?  Again, we just don’t know what goes on over there.  As long as they keep producing hot Scando-Germanic chicks and sucking at football, we’re cool.

In the meantime, we feel for our old friends and would like to invite all of Minnesota over for a few beverages.  We have plenty of bar capacity and for now our streets are free from political warfare.  That may change this fall, so let’s all try to enjoy the summer.

Our honorable Governor is a huge fan of business.

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