Local Boy Bon Iver Makes It Big

From the NYT Magazine.  He opens for Kanye, but makes his own venison sausage.  We love it.

Who, What and Where is Bon Iver?

“In February, he was back in Eau Claire, driving his mother’s old Honda CR-V, looking for an industrial park on the outskirts of town to pick up some processed venison. Snow was still on the ground from a huge storm the previous week. Just before the storm, he finished the second Bon Iver record, titled “Bon Iver, Bon Iver,” which will be released this month.

Though Vernon has been navigating Eau Claire his whole life, he had to rely on a G.P.S. to find Mike’s Star Market: a blissful-smelling oasis in a sea of warehouses about a mile from downtown. In the back, the shop was making its own brats and sausages, which were dangling from racks. Up front were refrigerator displays full of pungent, vividly red steaks, moist pork chops, walleye filets.

His father killed the deer the previous November, and it had been waiting at Mike’s ever since. After a few minutes of rustling around in the rear freezer, an impassive clerk handed over an icy cardboard box about the size of a toaster oven, marked VERNON. Inside were loin chops, jerky and scrap, which Vernon had asked for so he could begin to experiment with making his own sausage.”

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